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6 Signs Your Kidney Might Be Failing

Your Kidneys are the unsung heroes of the body. Best known for removing waste and excess fluid, they also perform a variety of other essential roles: They regulate salt, potassium, and acid levels; keep blood pressure in check; produce vitamin D (to keep your bones strong); and control the production …

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Scientists in UK are working on making babies from 2 women and 1 man

  The UK’s fertility regulator, the Human Fertilisation and Embryo Authority, gave the green light to the technique in December 2016 and has now agreed to its use by a clinic at Newcastle University. The technique is known as mitochondrial donation, the in vitro fertilization technique involves replacing faulty mitochondria …

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You can Control and overcome a type 2 Diabetes in just 3 Steps!

This article explains the possibilities and three action steps that you can take to prevent or even reverse type 2 diabetes naturally. In diabetes, glucose builds up in the bloodstream because it’s having trouble getting into the cells where it belongs. As a result, it may damage blood vessels of your organs …

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Eat Me: Six reasons to drink red wine more often

Red wine consumption goes beyond Casual drinking and/or for Intoxication. Unknown to many Red wine have several health benefits.You can include red wine in your dinner, either as a sauce or complimentary ingredient, and still reap its benefits. Here are six ways red wine can be beneficial to your health. …

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ALERT!!! Panic In Lagos as outbreak of Rabies, 2 dead

The Lagos State Government has revealed that rabies has killed two adult male in the state and called for alertness by members of the public. Panic has gripped residents of Lagos over fresh deaths of two people killed by rabies in Ikorodu and Ajara areas of the state. The new …

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